Chewy & Chunky



Dark Choco Chunk
Latte aka “choco chip”
Oatmeal Molasses Walnut
12pc assorted ₱435

Chewy & Chunky Box

Delivery is free within Metro Manila
if you purchase at least 2 boxes.
Send payments to savings account
BPI 4109019785 or BDO 001120416289.
Same day delivery is from 8am – 8pm,
#ChewyAndChunky will arrive in an hour or two.
Paypal payment will cost ₱451.99 each.

Thank You ❣

Oatmeal Cookie

I want Chewy & Chunky now!

Each box has 12 pieces of assorted cookies, and if I buy at least 2 boxes delivery will be free within Metro Manila ¯\_(ツ)_/¯