Chewy & Chunky


…because everyone can’t get enough of our (1) Dark Choco Chunk, (2) Oatmeal Molasses Walnut, (3) Latte (aka. choco chip), and (4) Matcha Green Tea cookies; we’ll now ship them to you/your family/friends/enemies/whoever, wherever you/they are.

  • 12pcs per box ₱495 (assorted or same kind)
Oatmeal Cookie

Revel BARS and Magic Bars, the reason for our baker’s cookie passion 🙂 Now she can’t stop baking them, so it’s our responsibility, to send, to anybody who believes in these merrymaking cookie-bars.

  • 10 pcs per box ₱495  (assorted or same kind)
For ORDERS (or INQUIRIES), kindly fill up the form below. Cookies will arrive 2-4 days after confirmation (because we bake on demand) 🙂 You may pay through bank deposit or paypal payment button below.

Thank You 😘



Cookie Gift Box

12pcs Assorted Cookies (3pcs each)



Cookie-Bar Gift Box

10 pcs Assorted Cookie-Bars (5pcs each)