Umpukan Sessions

KARIR NA KARIR: Reigniting Your Passion And Navigating Your Career

For some people, entering the labor force after college can be a jarring experience. Transitions like this and being caught up in this fast-paced world may bring a sense of dread, tiredness and demotivation–especially if your current job is not the dream or ideal one you hoped for when you were younger. This umpukan session focuses on understanding the participants’ career choices and the process that they experience.


LINGAP: Roundtable Gathering For Self-Care

How do you take care of yourself in this fast-paced world? Care for one’s self is important, it can refuel our passion and/or motivation, whenever we get tired physically and mentally. Anchored in this understanding, this umpukan session aims to be an intentional activity that would remind the participants to take care of their mental, emotional and physical health.

This session happened last February 21, but you may still register for the next LINGAP.

PAG-USAD: Moving Forward From A Broken Heart

Heartbreak happens when something or someone you have a significant emotional investment with is gone, or when you decided to take a break from them. Heartbreak can leave feelings of guilt, betrayal, grief, loneliness, sadness, shame and other negative emotions. This umpukan session invites participants to share their experiences of heartbreak and ways for them to move forward.

This session happened last February 7, but you may still register for the next PAG-USAD.

Umpukan are learning sessions that tackle topics aimed for personal and professional growth, while providing a space of encouragement and support to the participants. Umpukan sessions are facilitated by volunteer experts and/or therapists to help process the participants’ personal issues and provide perspectives in such.

  • Sessions last 2 to 3 hours.
  • Every other Friday or Saturday at 6:00PM.
  • Maximum of 12 participants, registration is required.


  • Confidentiality. What is shared during umpukan sessions, stays in umpukan sessions. This respects and honors the story of the person, and the person him/herself who took the courage to expose his/her vulnerability and story.
  • Openness. We invite the participants to keep an open mind and non-judgmental attitude towards others–who shared their story that might be different from one’s experience. Openness also shows a degree of respect to the person.
  • Unburden. We desire for the umpukan to become a safe space for the participants to unload their story–sharing your thoughts is encouraged but not required. Every story is honored. Every person is heard.
  • Listen. We want to cultivate the habit of active listening. And listening to a participants’ story in patience and reverie, shows deep respect and concern for the other person.
  • Respect. While we have learned behaviors and expressions that are possibly “offensive,” using it to target someone and demean somebody is a different story. We want the participants to be encouraging in speech and respectful in disagreements.
  • Free Event. Sessions are free but registration is required. The participants are encouraged but not forced to buy from the host establishment.

“Umpukan Sessions” is a joint initiative of respite and Philip Arandia.

respite is a small coffee shop located near Tomas Morato corner Sct. Fernandez, selling some coffee and cookies while providing a welcoming space for everyone–be it customers or not.

Philip is an experienced and trained clinician; who specializes in people development, assessment and psychotherapy. He is also a poet and an educator, who believes that all beginnings are difficult but something that one would eventually figure out.

If you would like to support activities like these you may:
✔ spread the word about “Umpukan” (share to your friends, post on your social media accounts)
✔ volunteer (just like Philip–a therapist–and Dyem Carreon–a dynamic graphic designer)
✔ purchase products from our host (supporting the space–helps them provide meaningful/helpful activities)

For inquiries and/or suggestions please contact Sylvette at 09285214513. You may also reach us through respite’s social media pages for Facebook and Instagram, email us at, we will be more than happy to hear from you.